Exclusive Coco Gauff Interview with Abbie from Her Way

2022 French Open Finalist Coco Gauff recently sat down with Abbie from Her Way magazine which celebrates and promotes women’s sport, so that more people watch and female athletes get the recognition they deserve. During the interview Coco shared her experience with New Balance and how it’s helped her grow as an athlete, she also talked about her family and the support system she has around her that helps her excel in tennis. Coco Gauff had great success at the Australian Open where she defeated Emma Raducanu in her third round before falling to Ostapenko in a close match. We expect great things from both Abbie and Coco in the future.

My favorite part of the interview was hearing what types of questions Abbie had for Coco. You can tell Abbie is a huge tennis fan and she’s studied Coco’s career. As someone who’s been lucky enough to interview a celebrity tennis player myself I found it interesting that we both lead with the first question which is: did you always know you were going to be a big star? I’m not sure if we worded it the same way, but that’s the first thing that came to my head too. You have to wonder if people like Coco Gauff knew they were the next Serena. That’s a bit of a leap, but Coco says Serena was a huge influence on her and you wonder, was there some type of connection from the stars or something you know? The universe works in mysterious ways. Given that both of these young women appear to have such promising futures I thought it was only fitting that I kick off my tennis news site with an inspiring story like this one. Enjoy the video!

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